Strength Rules

How to Get Stronger Than Almost Anyone—And The Proven Plan To Make It Real

This is my manifesto: bodyweight training, nutrition, cultural musings and gonzo imagery. You can think of Strength Rules as the ultimate “DAN’S RANT.”



Get Strong

The Ultimate 16-Week Transformation Program

This Kavadlo collaboration is our only book to feature a detailed program. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike!



Street Workout

A Worldwide Anthology of Urban Calisthenics

Street Workout is an encyclopedia of bodyweight exercises and training concepts. From pull-ups to pistol squats to even human flags – it’s all here!



Diamond-Cut Abs

How to Engineer the Ultimate Six-Pack—Minimalist Methods for Maximal Results

Diamond-Cut Abs is the abs book I wish was around when I was a kid. It features dozens of exercises, workouts, and over seventy pages of the “Kavadlo approach” to nutrition. Exercise guru Paul Wade called it the best book on ab training ever written.”


Everybody Needs Training

Proven Success Secret For The Professional Fitness Trainer

This cult classis the ultimate “how-to” book for personal training. It’s the real dirt from the guy whose done it all in the fitness biz—not what they teach you in trainer school!




Progressive Calisthenics Certification

The PCC is the first and best bodyweight training certification for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike. We break down all the moves from beginner to advanced, plus seminars on programming and progression. It’s a calisthenics fantasy camp!